Case Study: Queen’s Eyot

17 Jun 2015 Category:  News

Case Study: Queen’s Eyot

Case Study: Queen’s Eyot

Following the successful contract on their principal kitchens, Eton College approached Blackwell Projects to carry out works on their private island, Queen’s Eyot. The Island is only accessible by boat, and our contract was to refurbish the dry food store.

Queen’s Eyot

Queen's EyotThe island has been owned by Eton College since 1923, when Dr Warre (the Headmaster of Eton at the time) used it as the location for an attractive clubhouse. The school boys could buy food and beer here, and it very quickly became a favourite wet-bob excursion.

Previous renovations

In 1990, the original clubhouse was gutted when a fire broke out on the premises. The College decided to re-build it, so that it could be used not only by the boys but also for special occasions. The clubhouse was redesigned in a classical style from cedar and pine, in a location surrounded by extensive, manicured lawns and mature trees. To this day it enjoys beautiful views, particularly in the summer, encompassing passing boats and abundant river wildlife.

Queen’s Eyot has been available to the public ever since. In this time it has been host to some very prestigious clients, drawn by the scenic views, the delicious menus on offer, and the range of excellent wines.

Why do you think Eton College approached you for this contract?

We had recently completed a contract on the College’s principal kitchens on-site in Berkshire, with which they were very pleased. We believe they approached us for the Queen’s Eyot dry food store refurbishment based on the quality and success of this contract.

What were your initial responses to the proposed project?

We were delighted to be approached once again by the College, which was a testament to their genuine satisfaction with our previous work on their school kitchens.

What were the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge was logistics; while main access via the M4 and M25 is strong, the island itself can only be reached by boat. This meant extra attention to detail when planning the delivery and transport of raw materials, and site operations on a day-to-day basis. By considering these implications in advance, we were able to successfully navigate both the logistical challenges and the river access, for a smooth, timely completion of contract.

How satisfied was the College with your service, and how satisfied were they with the finished dry food store?

As before, the College was impressed with our professionalism and the efficiency of our work. Drawing on our wealth of experience and our eye for bespoke detail, we have brought the dry food store in line with the high standards and beauty of the rest of the buildings, for a more appealing, unified clubhouse.

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