How To Create An Outstanding Restaurant Interior

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How To Create An Outstanding Restaurant Interior

Hints & Tips About Creating An Outstanding Restaurant Interior

Understanding the importance of your restaurant’s interior design is essential, and getting this right can have an amazing effect on the satisfaction of customers and your reputation as a business. It isn’t only about the food and drink; visitors want a great all-round experience, and the setting in which they eat is incredibly important in creating this.

It is all about creating an exceptional experience for your customers, and the setting must match the quality of the product. In this article, we will offer some useful tips on developing the perfect restaurant interior.

Note: For a top example, see our Hare & Tortoise Kensington case study.

Design Tips For Your Restaurant


Many elements of the restaurant’s design can be attributed to branding, which is critical to any business’ success. Your restaurant must be inviting, highly functional, aesthetically appealing – and memorable! There are few things more rewarding than repeat customers, and those are the people that will really talk about their experience. Branding includes the standard restaurant marketing tools, such as logo design, graphic design, menu design, website design and extensive social media engagement.

Your display window and your décor must advance the brand and represent a consistent, professionally developed theme. Occasionally, this may mean that the restaurateur is best served putting aside some preconceived ideas and adopting fresh approaches from more visionary or experienced designers.

Professional Design Experience

Generally, designing your own restaurant from scratch can be very challenging. Whilst having your own vision is essential to loving what you do, by using a professional restaurant interior designer to assist in the details, you can ensure a marketing and functionality edge on your competitors.


One of the biggest challenges is to create a unique identity for the restaurant. Sometimes, existing restaurants have to re-create themselves but establishing that unique identity is a big step toward a successful brand. Of course, one way to do that is with a unique menu. Another way is with a unique interior design theme.

To ensure a unique identity, research other restaurants in the community. Check out their brand, their layout and the character that they evoke. Always note what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. What could you improve to create a better customer experience?


The importance of a creative, fluid, comfortable, and functional layout cannot be overstated. Emphasis should be placed on circulation, distance between tables, chairs and allowances for movement. Know the desired seating capacity, detailed in your business model, and work around that. You may want to consider event and party hosting if your restaurant is in this particular market.


What concept is your business model? Will your restaurant cater to an upmarket crowd, parties, special events or more mainstream diners? You need to define your customer base and develop every aspect of your concept. Once completed, let your concept be your guide.


Use a colour chart to select the colours that most advance your brand and concept. Be careful with these selections. Colours emanate emotions and affect how we feel, eat and enjoy atmosphere in a restaurant. The right choices will induce customers to stay longer, and potentially spend more.


Customers don’t usually appreciate being in the spotlight when they dine out. Usually, a more intimate experience is desired. Dim lighting, chandeliers and different coloured light bulbs make for a softer lighting experience. If your business is open for breakfast or lunch, big windows and lots of natural light is always welcome.


Your restaurant should have all the features listed in this guide, but don’t forget about character. Creating a unique character ensures that the restaurant will be around for a long time, and that you provide a truly unique experience to your customers.

Building a great restaurant is much more complicated than employing great chefs and creating a great menu. Building a great restaurant is about building the entire dining experience to ensure that it is unique, comfortable, and memorable. Your restaurant interior helps create an exceptional experience, and ensures that customers will keep coming back.

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How To Create An Outstanding Restaurant Interior
Article Name
How To Create An Outstanding Restaurant Interior
Understanding the importance of your restaurant’s interior design is essential, and getting this right can have an amazing effect on the satisfaction of customers and your reputation as a business. It isn’t only about the food and drink.