The Waterside Inn

“A new, extended state-of-the-art kitchen at The Waterside Inn, completed in record time to exacting standards”.
(Greenway Architects, 2012)

The construction phase of a project of this scale would typically run for 6 months, however, with meticulous planning, communication and co-ordination, the work was complete in just over 3.  The works included an extensive strip out and demolition phase, an extension to the existing foot print and a new Sanrnafill lined timber warm deck flat roof.   Bespoke throughout, from a new drainage scheme and concrete slab to the Whiterock and stainless steel wall linings, and install of the equipment itself required the expertise of more than 35 different specialist contractors with over 100 operatives working on site. The design incorporates sustainable HVAC measures such as a heat recovery system for cooling and specialized fully bio-degrading drainage treatment unit serving the extensive new cast underground drainage system.

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