Shop Interiors: How to Display your Goods Effectively

9 Oct 2014 Category:  Commercial

Shop Interiors: How to Display your Goods Effectively

The Role of a Good Store Layout

Displaying your goods in a store correctly is crucial in helping you to achieve the maximum business possible.

Occasionally business can become slower than normal, but sometimes all you need is a shop floor makeover to give your store a boost and encourage more customers to choose your product.

It doesn’t matter whether you run a fashion store, a corner shop or the local cafe; the interior appearance of your property is incredibly important to the success of the business. A fresh new look might be just what your outlet needs.

When it comes to revamping your store interior, hiring an interior designer could be a useful starting point but there are also a number of other things you can do before taking the plunge.

Work Out What Needs Doing

Firstly, you need to decide how much work you realistically need to do in your store to draw in customers. For example do you just want to put a lick of paint on the walls, or do you want to completely restructure the way your building looks and the way you will display your goods?

Of course your store may not need a change as dramatic as a full makeover. It may be the case that you just need to re -evaluate the way your customers view your merchandise.

Keep Displays Customer-Friendly

Retail Display TipsOne of the main things that customers say stops them from purchasing items in a store is feeling overwhelmed by the product displays: in this instance less really may be more. Many customers may find floor-to-ceiling displays intimidating and are therefore less likely to buy merchandise.

Having displays positioned too close together within a store can also have a negative effect on potential customers. Many customers feel more attracted to stores that have an open and airy feel to them as opposed to stores that feel cramped. Many store-owners make the mistake of trying to fit every single product they have onto their shelves and thereby making it difficult for customers to find the things they are looking for.

Similarly, people like to be able to touch and feel the goods they are considering as well as just looking at them. If customers cannot reach the product they are after on the shelves they may find themselves re-evaluating their need to purchase that product from your store and could decide to keep looking elsewhere.

Also, having too many different varieties of the same product may be off putting for customers. While offering options is important, having too many alternatives in one place can cause confusion and stress for the customer.

Make Life Easy For The Customer

Pricing is also an important factor in the amount of business a company receives. It is important for shop owners to ensure that prices are clearly displayed close to their respective products to create an easier and more convenient experience for customers.

Additionally, ensure that any signs such as changing rooms or checkouts are clear and obvious. Customers may feel frustrated at not being able to find the parts of the store they are looking for. Likewise, if you are running a sale you should ensure that your “Sale” signs are clear and applicable to everything that is on the rack. Customers would prefer to have a whole section of the store dedicated to the sale as opposed to many random sale sections on various shelves.


Essentially, customers are drawn to simplicity when spending their money. People are far more likely to spend time in a store and spend more money when the whole shopping and browsing process is simple and straightforward. Use neutral colours when decorating your store, keep product displays minimal and not cramped together, and don’t overwhelm your customers. If your store seems warm and inviting, chances are you will see a greater number of customers coming through your doors.

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