Shop Window Ideas: How To Attract Customers

11 Feb 2015 Category:  News

Shop Window Ideas: How To Attract Customers

Our Tips For Creating An Attractive Shop Window Display

Having a display in a shop window isn’t just about showing off the products you have inside. When done well, your shop window display can help to communicate your brand to your customers, attracting them in regardless of whether they are looking for a specific item from your window display, or if they are generally inspired by the products displayed.

A good window display is a perfect balance of marketing, art and design; it’s not simply a case of displaying items – the most effective displays can take your breath away. 1 in 4 sales can be attributed to your window display, so it is worth learning the tricks to making a great window display, and then putting them into practice. On the high street, there is vast competition of high level window displays. To ensure that your shop doesn’t get left behind.

The best way to start your window display is not to start in the window at all! Window displays should always be planned on paper before placing the items in the window. Having a clear strategy before you start will aid you in a clear execution of your display.

Three Layer Principle

There is a simple Three Layer Principle to window displays that helps to ensure a compelling display every time.

Layer 1 would be vinyls or decals on the glass, allowing effective communication of price points and messages. Layer 2 would contain the products or props used for the scene. Finally layer 3 would be a backdrop, which is used to contextualise the scene.

Create A Story

Creating An Attractive Shop WindowCurrent trends in window displays means that consumers no longer want to simply see products in a window. Window displays should be used to tell a story, a story which is derived from a broader theme.

For example, rather than having all red and green products in the window for Christmas, choose a specific tale of Christmas you want to tell; such as the nativity.

Design A Focal Point

Once you have worked out the story to tell ensure that you have one focal point in the display. A key aspect of a window display is clarity of message, which is achieved by having a focal point otherwise the display can easily look cluttered.

To that end, it is also key to keep the display simple, so that the message and focal point do not get lost. Ensure that there is balance in the display, with a good distribution of products across the window, and be careful to not overload any one part of your space.

Style Your Lighting

Lighting Trends For A Shop Window Display Lighting is key in making the most of your display. Different styles of lighting can create different moods for your display.

Soft lighting can create a mystical, or romantic feel, whereas harsh lighting with stark differences between light and dark would create an edgy feel, and help to guide customers to the specific products you want them to focus on.

Use Your Creativity

Getting creative with window displays is a key method to getting noticed on the high street. The use of props in a display can add an edge to your display, and will help you tell a story with your display.

Don’t be afraid to include items in your display that aren’t on sale in your shop, as long as they display is configured correctly, it will be clear to customers which products are available and which are purely decorative.

Create A Call To Action

Finally, a call to action to your customers will help to covert the attraction to the window display, into sales in store.

The call to action is best communicated through your vinyls or decals that make up layer 1, and should be informative of sales, offers and deals in store, with a timeframe to ensure customers feel compelled to shop in store there and then. Once you have followed these rules and attracted customers then the next key move is to ensure you have the stock.

No matter how bold or conceptual your window becomes you will still be displaying specific products from your store. In order to make the most from your displays, ensure you have the stock so that when customers come in asking for products, you can fulfil their consumer needs.

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